REI Today Exclusive: Grant Funding Success Story – Eric H. ($14,804)

Eric H. is a contractor who lives on the Southwest side of Atlanta. He had hit something of a roadblock in his business because he needed new equipment but was unable to make the purchase and keep his bottom line intact. He had tried finding programs to help him with his dilemma on his own, but had failed to identify anything promising.

Finally, Eric decided to take matters into his own hands and contacted Chris directly.

“I contacted Chris via email about funding,” he said, adding that he “promptly” was emailed back “a list of resources” that directly corresponded to his needs. After that, as you’re probably starting see the trend developing here, it was mainly an issue of filling in the blanks.  

“I now have about $15,000 in equipment and supplies thanks to Chris’ program,” Eric told us gleefully. How about that for a major boost to the business? Imagine having that kind of budget for your own business needs!

Eric added, “Thank you Chris for all you have done and all you do.”

Even though Eric opted to purchase business-related equipment with his grant funding, his success story is an excellent example of just how flexible Chris Johnson’s program is when it comes to helping real estate investors, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and even college students. Attend Chris’ limited-time REI Today-EXCLUSIVE training today. This is offered for one day only, so act fast!


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