How TRUMP’S PRESIDENTIAL BID is affecting his real estate brand

Donald Trump is known for being over-the-top, and it’s this persona-turned-branding-strategy that is not only skyrocketing his political campaign, but that has also played a key role in his real estate success. In many areas of the country where Trump holds major square footage, he’s there even when he’s not thanks to towering buildings, white-glove service, and pricey, pricey real estate. As a result, in many of these areas, such as Westchester County in New York state, Trump must deal productively with a lot of preconceived notions about himself that have nothing to do with his personal behavior, but rather his high-end holdings.

David Wilson, a reporter for the publication Tax Watch, recently noted that Trump’s political campaign could actually affect his real estate business, and vice versa, as the republican presidential primaries become increasingly vitriolic. “His brand evokes a wide range of emotions,” Wilson noted in a recent column, adding that Trump’s supporters love the candidate because “he speaks from his gut, wraps himself in American power, and maintains he’ll cut through the bureaucracy to bring change.” However, Wilson added, detractors consider him “lowbrow,” and that could represent a huge problem for the Trump brand, which is white-gloves-all-the-way in most Trump Tower residences and is known for opulence and plush amenities.

In fact, some condo owners in these residences now actually object to their home addresses because they object to Trump as a candidate, and they’re not all enjoying the anti-Trump rallies that activists are staging outside their homes either. They note that when they purchased their properties, the Trump brand was largely a positive one. Now, they say they’re not so sure how they feel about continuing to live in the buildings. Trump Tower spokespeople across the country, however, maintain that buyers have not yet begun to bring up Trump’s candidacy as an issue when they consider a purchase. “We’re offering a full-service luxury building,” noted one broker for the 40-story Trump Tower in New Rochelle. He added, “You either want to be there, or you don’t. It’s the only game in town.”

Lesson Learned:

Branding is a big, big, deal, and if your brand includes your name, then you better think carefully about how your behavior might affect your brand long-term.

Point to Ponder:

Do you think that Trump’s candidacy could ultimately hurt his real estate business?

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g 3 years ago

those who want luxury will still buy rent or lease

harolyn johns 3 years ago

I personally think trump would make a great president. he needs his ex wifes to stand up and tell the people what a great person he is how he cares for his family and how he treats women. make him an American hero. we don’t need Canada or any other forin country to run America. we need a born American on board. and he has good business sense we need it. I believe in trump. as a person and a man.

Toni Wise 3 years ago

No, Trump is a very smart business man and has been in the real estate game way too long. Setbacks to him are just little bumps on the road and can fix them real quick. As “G” says below, people will just continue doing what they would normally do and either buy or rent luxury if that is their life style.

Paul 3 years ago

I agree that education is the best investment, and as I have a somewhat extensive vocabulary, when you send your readers to the Daniel Webster to look up ‘vitriolic’, I feel as if I am being looked upon in a rather condescending manner. It also distracts from absorbing the true ‘meat’ of the article.

Keep it real Carole.


P.S. I enjoy reading the emails I receive from you and Bryan….very educational, I must say. Thanks to both of you.

SUNSHINE 3 years ago

Yes, it definately will affect sales! Trump has branded himself as an idiot and a racist. I liked the Trump Tower in Panama, and was considering it—- but who wants to be party to a laughingstock? No, I will buy at Nikki Beach instead!!!!


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Bruce Porter Sr 3 years ago

If he looses, not at all. American’s memories are to short. They just don’t care.
If he wins, his values shoot through the roof, so even one of those nazis we call “liberal” would be wise to keep the property.
For those that say they will leave: Good Riddance! See ya. Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out. “If I don’t get my way I’m leaving” hahah, how mature.
The idea that Whoopi Goldberg will leave if Trump wins is enough to get me to vote for him.

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