FBI HIDES MICS to catch auction riggers | Episode 71

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Sooooo…If you thought you could get away with rigging an auction by holding your nefarious planning meetings in a park or at a bus stop, think again. The FBI just uncovered an auction bid rigging scheme out in California by hiding microphones in trees, plants, light fixtures, and bus stops – and that’s just the beginning. Find out all the details in today’s episode. I’m Carole Ellis. This is Episode 71.


So you’ve probably heard about bid rigging before, and it’s actually something that a lot of investors simply accept as part of the process of buying properties at auction because even when other, more experienced investors aren’t necessarily working together to keep other investors out, there are plenty of scenarios in which a more established buyer will actually pay more than they normally would to snag a property and hopefully scare off the competition. Overpaying on a property is perfectly legal, but rigging the auction, as you might imagine, is not, and you won’t believe the lengths that the FBI recently went to in order to try to expose suspected bid rigging in San Mateo and Alameda counties in California.

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Now, let’s get back to where all in your local green space you need to be looking for the hidden mics…

So, the FBI originally hid the microphones basically all over San Mateo and Alameda because they suspected that some real estate investors in the area were rigging local auctions by agreeing not to bid against each other at the public auctions, then holding private, members-only auctions where the properties were sold again and the investor who made the original purchase pocketed the difference in the public auction price and that of the private auction. This is a tempting set-up because it tends to keep prices down and also enables investors to make some money just by buying low at the public auction. Bear in mind, also, that this is all ALLEGED, the investor who was actually indicted in 2014 as part of the conspiracy has pled not guilty and the other parties are just being investigated, not accused.

Anyway, the FBI put mics everywhere: in the courthouse where the auctions were held (those were hidden in light fixtures), in bus stops near the courthouse, in a statue inside the courthouse, in backpacks that they left lying around, and, reportedly (shockingly, the FBI is not confirming this) under rocks and trees throughout the Bay Area. So basically, if you were hanging out around Oakland Courthouse, they probably were listening. Kind of creepy, huh.

So anyway, not surprisingly, the defenses for the guys who are now facing investigation for bid rigging are pretty up in arms about all this recording, and I can’t say I blame them. After all, there was no warrant issued for a surveillance operation in the area. Individuals could have discussed the topic without actually being involved. Apparently you have the right to expect a conversation in a public place to remain private (as long as you have it quietly) and the FBI basically ignored this as well. So it’s a great big mess, and it’s unclear other than establishing that they can get away with this for extended periods of time, the FBI really accomplished much or even intended to. I’m going to just let that little conspiracy theory stew around in your brain for a minute.

So, the moral of the story, as it were, is simple: don’t participate in rigged auctions. The FBI doesn’t like it, it’s not legal, and your loving government will break its own laws in order to try to make sure you’re not breaking them. So now don’t you feel protected and loved?

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REI Nation, thanks for listening in. Now, more than ever, please remember this:

Your best investment is ALWAYS your own education.


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jim 3 years ago

Who is “Sue herself ” mentioned in episode 71 above and why is she so interactivity enabled ?
Good Catch, Jim! It’s a buggy transcription that I’ve now fixed. “Sue herself” is Sue Nelson, a fantastic commercial investor and trainer who was mentioned in another episode (actually coming up later this week). You can check her training out at if you like. You’ll love it. Thanks for listening (and reading) so carefully :) ~Carole

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