warning: the UGLIEST COLOR in the world

If you want to make sure that people run screaming out of your home and never return, then you might want to consider painting the interiors with what Australian marketing company Blue Moon has identified as the official ugliest color in the world: Pantone 448 C opaque couché. The color, which Daily Mail described as a “dreary mix of tar, vomit, and olive but a shade of drab brown,” was identified via survey. 85 percent of consumers say that the main reason they buy anything is color, so if you want to make sure that your home is not attractive to buyers, consider Pantone 448 C. See it below:Pantone 448C via Pantone

The study was commissioned by a company hoping to decimate cigarette sales by packaging them in the most unattractive color possible. However, the ugliest color could also be used to make people throw away your business cards, walk right on by your curb-appeal-less house, or refuse to even view your marketing materials. Of course, if you’re an artist, then that changed everything. According to Curbed, since the announcement of the world’s ugliest color, artists everywhere have been pointing out that opaque couché dominates the Mona Lisa’s clothing and is prominently featured in several famous Van Gogh works involving olive trees. As an interesting side note: opaque couché actually used to be known as “olive green” but it was renamed after the Australian Olive Association registered a formal protest.

Lesson Learned:

Consumers have said time and again that they hate brown in marketing materials because it makes them dull and boring. Avoid brown in your marketing materials unless you have a solid basis for thinking your product is an exception.

Point to Ponder:

Do you think that olive green is really that bad?

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Jeff Deleon a couple of years ago

Well Carole, they do say darker colors make a room seem smaller. When my wife and I purchased our home a few years back we thought going with a brownish/green tones would make our formal dining room look rich and formal. However once we painted a patch of those two colors on our walls, it looked like vomit and poop! We laughed so hard! Colors on the walls look so differently during various lighting throughout the day, needless to say neutral colors always look best when selling your home.

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