why you need to SUCK IT UP and get on INSTAGRAM

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If you think Instagram is just for “the kids these days,” think again. First of all, most of them are actually on SnapChat. Second of all, the photo- and video-sharing app now has 500 million monthly users, and 300 million of those users view and post on the app every day. Thirdly, users spend an average of 21 minutes (more than enough time to view your listing) on the app every day. Although SnapChat is growing in popularity, most marketers agree that if you’re seeking home-buyers, Instagram, with its larger and slightly older user population, is the way to go.

So now that you’ve decided to get on Instagram, what should you be doing there? For starters, you’ll want to post things that people actually want to see and “like,” since a post with more “likes” is more likely to be visible. Instagram experts recommend not just posting pictures of houses in listings, but also posting “behind the scenes” images to show lifestyle of a local community, clean-up efforts on remodels, or happy clients behind the closing table. You also will want to sync up your account with Facebook, the owner of Instagram. Photo-sharing via Instagram tends to work better than photo-sharing via Facebook only, probably because Instagram is Facebook’s “baby” in a lot of ways since the company paid more than $1 billion for it in 2012. Finally, try out Instagram’s photo maps, which can showcase not only your images and photos, but also your presence on Google maps, which can improve your credibility, your local presence, and possibly your visibility as well.

Lesson Learned:

If you’ve been putting off Instagram, it’s time to set up that account and start snapping!

Point to Ponder:

Do you use social media in your real estate business? Why or why not?

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